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You deserve to love where you live

At RPM Construction & Remodeling, we know that you want your dream home and we believe that you should have exactly what you want. When it comes to your home, you shouldn’t have to settle for anything less than what you’ve envisioned. If you’ve fallen out of love with your current home, reach out to RPM Construction & Remodeling. We provide construction and remodeling services in Layton, UT and beyond. Whether you want to build a new home from scratch or simply remodel your existing one, we have the skills and experience to get your project done properly.

3 Reasons to trust your house to RPM Construction & Remodeling

RPM Construction & Remodeling is dedicated to providing superior new construction and remodeling services in the Layton, UT area. Your vision is our priority, and we take pride in transforming ideas into tangible, high-quality spaces. Choose RPM Construction & Remodeling for a reliable partner. You can trust us with your home because

1. We have over 25 years of experience building and remodeling homes.

2. We can handle light commercial work and residential projects of all sizes.

3. We’re passionate about what we do, and we work proactively to identify potential problems before they happen.

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Our Services

At RPM Construction & Remodeling, we offer a large variety of services so you don’t have to look anywhere else for your home improvements. From new home construction to kitchen remodel to additions, we are your go-to company that will be there for anything that you could want. Whenever you are needing more space for you and your family, RPM Construction & Remodeling is the company that you should call! The services that we provide include:

Kitchen Renovation

New Home Construction

Whole Home Renovation

Basement Finishes

Kitchen Renovation

New Home Construction

Home Additions

Basement Finishes


Our Core Values

Our core values collectively define the ethos of RPM Construction, shaping a company that not only constructs buildings but also builds enduring relationships based on honesty, transparency, and respect. 

Honesty: Honesty is the bedrock of RPM Construction’s values, woven into the fabric of every interaction and decision. With an unwavering commitment to integrity, the company fosters an environment where truthfulness is not just a policy but a guiding principle. 

Transparency: RPM Construction believes that transparency is the cornerstone of trust. By openly sharing information and maintaining clear communication channels, the company builds robust relationships with clients, partners, and employees. 

Respect: Respect is deeply ingrained in the company culture, reflecting the understanding that each individual contributes to the success of the team. RPM Construction embraces diversity, values opinions, and treats everyone with dignity, creating a collaborative and inclusive workplace where respect is paramount.


Who are we?

RPM Construction & Remodeling stands as a proud pillar in Layton, Utah. We are helping our community as we are locally owned and operated! We embody the essence of local craftsmanship and commitment. With our roots embedded here in Layton, RPM has become synonymous with quality construction and remodeling services that reflect the unique character of Layton. 

As a local company, RPM understands the distinct needs and preferences of our customers, offering personalized solutions that go beyond mere construction – we build homes and spaces that resonate within our community. The team at RPM takes pride in their local expertise, ensuring that every project, whether it’s a remodel or a new construction, is executed with precision. With a dedication to excellence and a passion for enhancing the local landscape, RPM Construction & Remodeling has become the go-to choice for those seeking to transform their spaces with a touch of Layton charm.

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